Measuring System of Powder Mixture by Optical Method
discrimination of same color's powder &
measure of powder's mix status
This instrument irradiates powder with light , and determine status of powder's mixture from intensity of reflected light.
It consists of an amplifier ( emitter of a light , detector of a light ), and a probe.

Constant wave length-light ( visual range ) emitted by LED is introduced onto the powder mixture through an optical fiber, and the reflected light is detected by high sensitive photo-sensor.

The amplifier has attenuator , zero point controller , gain controller , indicator , analog output , etc .

Intensity of reflected light is greatly affected not only by powder color , but also by humidity , diameter and shape of particles .

High Sensitive PHOTO-METER can measure even if material powder is same color.

Procedure for measure to degree of mixture at white powder and black powder
In the case of white powder, the output signal (mV) shows the maximum value.
In the case of black powder, the output signal (mV) shows the minimum value.

The output level is adjustable, of course.
The output level and sensitivity are adjustable at arbitrary range, respectively.

Change of the concentration (ratio of B/W) during mixing in the mixer is measured continuously and the profile of mixing curves are shown on the CRT by using our original computer software.

Degree of mixture are calculated by magnitude of PHOTO METER's output fluctuation.

Degree of mixture are calculated from standard deviation of measured data.

PHOTO METER is not absolute value measurement.
PHOTO METER is relative value measurement.

PHOTO METER can set upper-level and lower-level by adjust amplify-volume and zero-point-volume.

PHOTO METER can set upper-level and lower-level , with white powder and black powder.

PHOTO METER can set upper-level and lower-level, with potato starch and corn starch.

PHOTO METER can set upper level and lower level, with tonar of one maker copy machine and tonar of other maker copy machine.

PHOTO METER can measure 1Ӂ`2 diameter powder with optional probe.


      Voltage          F DC 0.00 - 5.00 V
      Linearity        F less than P%
      Impedance        F 600 ohm
      LED display      F 0.00 - 5.00
   Light emitter 
      element           : GaP  LED
      peak wave length  : 570 nm
      luminosity        : 160 mcd
   Light detector
      element           : Si photo diode 
      peak wave length  : 560 nm
      limit of intensity of illumination
                        : 0.001 - 10000 Lux
   Attenuator                 :1,1/5,1/20,1/100

   Surroundings temperature   : 10 - 40 Kb
   Box size                   : W:230,D:190,H:90
   Power source voltage       : AC 100 V

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